Wellsco International Group



Wellsco International Group Co., Ltd. (Wellsco) is one of the industry leaders in hardware and its accessories. We own a professional team of research and development experts, and factories that personnel distribution is well-organized. To ensure current and future development goals and maximize development of all its relevant members, Wellsco can offer enterprises advisory opinions on different forms of management to arrange personnel distribution with strategic consultancy through our years' of practice and experience, thus helping enterprises to effectively meet and deal with their current business management challenges.


Wellsco has great relationship with various material providers from China mainland, Taiwan, Vietnam... Undoubtedly, all the information regarding material cost, labor cost, import and export policies, market trends can first to be known and shared in the network. As a result, we own an acute sense of cost variation when it comes to goods import and export. Wellsco also has several production and warehousing bases, the products we produce and sale cover more than ten product lines, nearly ten thousand industrial products. Designing, OEM production and customized manufacturing are often among enterprises’ choices.


Wellsco is dedicated to helping enterprises with advisory service on growing business by maintaining and developing more customers through member cards, such as after-sale service, analysis of consumption content among different consumer groups, adjustment of promotion period and commodities, etc,... As to save costs, enhance efficiency and satisfy the clients' requirements, we could cooperate with clients from various industries to find out long-term solutions of hardware outsourcing and procurement.


In the meantime, Wellsco is focusing on building strong relationships with energy suppliers across the United States so that we can provide enterprises with the cheapest tariffs possible by comparing all possible suppliers and presenting with best solutions in their area rather than limited choices. We can also provide enterprises support for contract management in energy sector, such as supports in on-line secure contract negotiations, contract analysis for terms, disbursements and content, clause tracking, and contract performance management.